Some software i have written in my little free time.
You can find software in separated categories of Windows, Linux (Unix)

Unix Software
Make encrypted passwords

This is a perl program that allows you to create encrypted passwords to use in a htaccess file and it is released under GPL License.
If you have physical access to the machine that hosts the apache you can use the htpasswd, or if you don’t use this perl program (used to call it mkpasswd, had to rename it to avoid false positives)
I haven’t updated for a long long time. Now you can use the htpasswd that comes with the apache package.

Windows Software

DS2250/DS5000 Windows Programmer Version 1.0

This is a windows program that allows you to program your Dallas Evaluation kit without using the kit.exe program, provided from DALLAS and it is released under GPL Licence. Dallas Programmer is written in Delphi 5.0 and it is tested with Win95/98/2000/XP.

The main reason i created: Free time
A Dallas Programmer can be ordered from the hardware page

If you like this software you can donate anything in order to continue supporting it

A multiprogrammer version is also in the works


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