Home Network

I spend a lot of time working at home. To be honest this is the first i do after i finish my work at my company.

It used to be a Cisco powered Home network wise (ages ago)…:)))

I have setup a home network and i am always trying to improve it in order to do my life easier.

Current equipment:

  • H288A as a VDSL modem
  • MikroTik 951Ui-2HnD as my wifi router
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model_B+ serves as a dump1090 receiver
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB runs containers
    • Home Assistant
    • piware
    • grafana
    • influxdb
    • telegraf
    • eclipse-mosquitto
    • adsbexchange
    • planefinder
  • XBOX
  • APC SmartUPS 700VA


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