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My name is Bill Nikolopoulos.

Currently i am working as SE in a .com. You can find my complete bio on linkedin http://gr.linkedin.com/in/billnikolopoulos

I am a register linux user with ID 68023.

I spend most of my time using Linux for the following tasks:

  • Bash (Shell Programming).
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP or Perl).
  • Web Design.
  • C/C++ Programming.

But my favorite OS is Solaris on big machines such as E250/E450 (on the time i wrote this page 🙂 ) or higher….;))) and *BSDs (when i wrote this page ages ago :)_

But i also use windows on to do the following tasks:

  • Design of electronic stuff.
  • Hardware Design (ISA/PCI Cards, Interfaces).
  • Software/Hardware Design.


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  1. Claudio Facciolo Avatar

    Dear Vasileios,
    My name is Claudio, IU0BNG.
    I just received your QSL today.

    I have never seen a nicest QSL in all my life. My daughter Sara translated the Greek words and she explained me the deep meaning of it.

    Thank You very much. I still have to print my own QSL cards, be sure I will send mine to you as they will be ready.
    Bye for now.
    73. Claudio Facciolo

    1. billy Avatar

      Dear Claudio,

      Thanks for your kind words, i am really happy that you like it !!!

      Looking forward to receive yours, i love paper QSL cards

      73 SV1QFV

  2. Hasan Ateş Erim Avatar
    Hasan Ateş Erim

    Dear OM/YL,
    I want to say I’m so sorry about big fire. I hope you, your family and your friends are healthy. I you need any help, we’re always here. God bless you.

    73 de TA3MHA H. Ates Erim

  3. billy Avatar

    Thanks for your kind words Hasan, we are safe, however a lot of people died in this fire.

    Thanks for your though and help, its highly appreciated

    73 de SV1QFV

  4. luke Avatar


    Can the pcb for the tracker be ordered ?

    Best 73

    1. billy Avatar

      Luke i have order a few for friends, i can send you one at no cost

      73 SV1QFV

  5. Στελλα Avatar

    Για σου Βασιλλη,
    Σε βρηκα στο ιντερνετ κ ειδα οτι εχεις κανει ωραια πραματα. Μολισ αρχισα κ ασχολουμε με Arduinos.. kai coding.

    Εχω ενα γρουπ στο φασεβοοκ, κανουμε λεγετε experimental radionics. Χρησιμοποιουμε Αρδουινο για να κανουμε broadcast απο ενεργιες, αν ενδιαφερεσαι ευχαριστως να σε δουμε στο γρουπ. Αυτος που εκανε τον code, ειχε προβληματα με τον εαυτο του κ εκανε delete ολα οσα ειχαμε στο github! Kαι αν θα μπορουσες να μας βοηθησεις θα ηταν θαυμασιο..

    σε χαιρετω!

    1. billy Avatar


      Ποιό είναι το link από το group ? Το πολύ πολύ να ξαναγραφτεί o κώδικας απο την αρχή


  6. Ridwan Fauzi Avatar

    what the function this linux? thanks

    1. billy Avatar

      It’s completely independed, you don’t need a computer beside the Arduino IDE to program it

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