Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

This is a Raspberry Pi Weather Station that collects data from a 433 MHz Temperature and Humidity sensor (Bresser THERMO/HYGRO RC TRANSMITTER), uuploads them on emoncms,

Update: 30 September 2017.
data.sparkfun.com goes bye bye on 31 Dec 2017. I am updated the code to use a different platform

The 433 MHz decoder is build around a Telecontrolli RR3 Super Regenerative Radio Receiver with Laser Trimmed inductor (translated: don’t buy the cheapest you will find online). Antenna is a simple wire roughly 17.3cm. 1/4 wave length of 433 MHz.

However i should change it to: 142.6464/frequency => 142.6464/433MHz/2= 16.47cm

I do have a proper 433 MHz antenna but still haven’t use it.

The 433 MHz module operates a 5V. In order to connect it to Raspberry Pi i had to convert it to 3V3, but wanted to avoid level shifters… so i used a 10K resistor in series with the data out pin of the module. It does the trick.

Preliminary pictures
Raspberry Pi Weather Station


io.adafruit.com https://io.adafruit.com/billy_gr/rpi-weather

Code: https://github.com/billygr/rpiweather

The idea is to provide an indication internally (have decided how to do it yet) based on the temperature/humidity and the following table

WET Any >70%
COM 20-25°C(68-77°F) 40-70%
DRY Any <40%

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