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My DivX HOWTO (in 10 simple steps)

I decided to make my own divx movies and i realized that i must have a couple of masters and a Phd to do so :))

So i desided to write my own howto.

What you will need:



1) Rip it with DVD Decrypter (about 10-15 minutes).

2) DVD2AVI (VOB to AVI convert)

Open the first vob. It will automatically load the others.
Do a preview (Press F5) and write down the file info.

Options: Audio –> Track Number 1
Channel Format –> Autoselect
Dolby Digital –> Off
MPEG Audio –> Off
Use only FILM95 Option if FILM95 is available in preview.
Save the project (about 5 minutes).

3) Audio (ac3tool)

Open the dvd2avi file created on step 2. Lunch Analysis. (about 30 minutes)
On the AC3 to WAV tab change the “Main level” to +10db (recommended)
4) Create the avi file for Virtual Dub (vfapi-converter)

Open the DVD2AVI file from step 2 and press convert.

5) Get the subtitles (Virtual Dub + vobsub filter).

Open Virtual Dub.
From the filters menu add the vobsub filter.
Open the ifo file of the movie from step 1.
Select the subtitles you want. Press “i have stripped the source files and cross my fingers”
Fade in/out recommended 200ms
Select smooth image
6) Calculate the proper bitrate to fit on 2x74min CD (Advance Bitrate Calculator).


7) Divx Compression + Resize + Subtitles (VirtualDub + vobsub + null transform + resize filter)

Crop the black bars.
Resize to 720×304.

8) VirtualDub (Full process using mode for audio and video)

9) Split the AVI

Either use Virtual Dub or avi split. That’s it.

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