APRS tracker with DRA818V

I am in the process of finishing the design a APRS tracker with a DRA818V since my previous Arduino APRS Tracker has a dependency of an external radio…

Features list (still open)

  • Cheap with a target price of 50 euro
  • Powered from Lithium-ion battery 18650 or from a Lithium polymer battery.
  • Built-in charger
  • USB/RS232 or Bluetooth communication
  • Temperature sensor
  • Small size (depending on the battery selected)
  • 3D printed case
  • Trying to avoid SMD if possible

I will drop/add depending on the difficulty of the PCB, size/dimensions and the final price

According to references online a need a low pass filter on the RF output of DRA818V due to a lot of harmonics

A Chebyshev 0.1db from W6KWF
Another one from SV1AFN or
LFCN-160+ (https://ww2.minicircuits.com/pdfs/LFCN-160+.pdf)

I will go with the LFCN-160+ due to size contrains. Both of the adove filters work really well in LTSPICE IV

dra818v filter
-3db at 202 MHz
-40db at 300 MHz

dra818v filter
-3db at 166 MHz
-40db at 325 MHz

LFCN-160+ has-3db at 230 MHz and typical -20 db between 330-480 MHz